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Staff Spotlight: Melodee Papke

Mandy Lambright
January 31, 2024

Here at PetroLedger Financial Services we pride ourselves on our amazing team members and the exceptional skills and experiences that they bring to the table. Each person has a background and skill set that makes them vital to our mission. Here we want to highlight one of these team members, Melodee Papke, our Vice President of Accounting Services. Keep reading to see what makes Melodee a crucial member of our staff and what she enjoys about working with us.

Melodee’s Background

Melodee has been in the oil & gas industry for nearly three decades, and has spent 15 to 20 of those 30 years working in outsourced accounting. Her history with PetroLedger goes back to 2001, when one of PetroLedger’s predecessor companies, The Resource Group, was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Melodee was the second employee brought on after TRG started up, and she did oil & gas accounting work there for eight years. After those eight years, she stepped away for a season before coming back to The Resource Group for another three or four years. She then stepped away again for a short while, and came back to outsourced accounting in 2019 when Avisto Capital purchased The Resource Group and merged it with another company to create PetroLedger Financial Services.

Melodee’s Role and Day-To-Day

Melodee works out of PetroLedger’s Tulsa office, but her responsibilities span across all of our offices and revolve around managing all of the different teams that handle our general accounting services. She helps guide the directors and senior managers of our various accounting departments, spread across different offices in multiple cities, as they and their teams cover everything from accounts payable and receivable to revenue and general ledger. She also spends a lot of time working with prospective clients to help them understand the services that we provide and how PetroLedger can best help them with their books.

Melodee’s “typical day” is anything but typical. With the responsibility of leading 70+ accountants, supporting another 30+ land administration workers, and overseeing the work being done for our 200+ clients, every day is different and brings on new challenges for her to tackle. On any one of these days, she can be found in meetings with prospective clients, working with our leadership teams to problem solve and develop new strategies, or even just “helping figure out how we’re going the get the mail open today.”

What Melodee Loves About PetroLedger

‍For Melodee, the best thing about PetroLedger is the people. She loves working with the employees in our organization, as well as working with our wonderful clients. In Melodee’s own words, “I enjoy the people, I enjoy supporting our team here - they’re a wonderful team. And the clients are unique and interesting and help us to see the industry from a different perspective all the time.”

Melodee also enjoys the collaborative culture that PetroLedger provides. We have multiple offices, a lot of employees, a lot of different responsibilities, and so many moving parts, but at the end of the day, everybody wants the same results for our clients. Our teams work together across the different offices and departments to help move our clients forward and provide them with top quality work.

What Makes PetroLedger Different

Melodee believes that at PetroLedger, we outshine our competitors in the way that we value and care about our clients. Our employees work hard to build relationships with our clients and develop an understanding of what they need from us and how we can grow with them or scale back with them to best fit those needs.

We also have a tremendous amount of experience within our organization. Many of our employees have worked in the outsourced oil & gas accounting and client services world for a long time, and we use that experience to help provide the best services for our clients, as well as using the extensive knowledge that we have as a company to help mold and shape our newer employees. PetroLedger has recently developed new training materials, a project largely spearheaded by Melodee herself, to help bring in young talent and grow them in an industry that we as a company think is really exciting.

For Melodee, the answer to why PetroLedger is the clear choice, for both employees and clients, is that PetroLedger cares about people. “At the end of the day, we’re about our people, and the people are what bring me to work every day. I just enjoy the culture, enjoy the environment and enjoy the service that we can provide.”

Mandy Lambright
Marketing Director

Mandy joined PetroLedger in September 2022 after serving for almost a decade as the Creative Director at a fine art gallery, where she honed her marketing and design skills. She graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Abilene Christian University.