Whether you have one lease or thousands, PetroLedger Financial Services has your regulatory compliance needs well in hand. When you partner with PetroLedger, we take the time to understand your business and fully review your filing history, because we believe that managing compliance properly from the beginning will lead to efficiencies and cost-savings down the road.


PetroLedger's professionals have 25 plus years of experience in state, federal and tribal reporting. From production volume reporting, to state severance taxes, to ONRR reporting (both Federal and Tribal), we can ensure timely and accurate reporting. We have experience in state royalty reporting and escheatment, as well as an understanding of the environmental, legal and safety regulations that apply within the oil and gas industry.

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What We Offer

regulatory services

  • Severance Tax Filing (all states)
  • ONRR Filing (Tribal & Federal)
  • Unclaimed Property/Escheatment
  • Asset Integrity
  • Financial Reporting
  • Working Interest, Royalty & ORRI Payment Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Report
  • Operational Planning
  • Technical Compliance & Reporting
PetroLedger's White Paper on The Changing Tribal Regulatory Landscape

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When a company gets into the Exploration and Production business, there are usually several drivers. The potential for massive revenue is chief among them, but do companies always think about the costs? The costs of producing a well or lease can be predicted, but the regulation attached to certain lands is not always foreseen.

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