If you own interest in an oil or gas well, you likely receive a check or statement every month from the operator of that property. Operators often hire a company like PetroLedger to help them with their accounting. These checks may look like they are coming from us, but, if you look closely, you should see the operator's name there, as well. Because of the work we do for them, we are able to help you with most questions you might have, including all of the ones below. From time-to-time, we may advise you to contact the operator directly if your question doesn't directly relate to the services we provide for them.

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If you have questions about your statements or payments received, contact our Owner Relations Team and we'll get you on track.

For general concerns, take a look at our Owner Inquiries FAQs below.

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owner inquiries

Have a question about payments or statements you've received? Let our Owner Relations Team help!

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If you have a general inquiry or a question about the services we provide, let us know!

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