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Staff Spotlight: Nan Carlson

Mandy Lambright
May 29, 2024

Here at PetroLedger, we pride ourselves on our amazing team members and the exceptional skills and experiences that they bring to the table. Each person has a background and skill set that makes them vital to our mission. Here we want to highlight one of these team members, Nan Carlson, our Director of Land Administration. Keep reading to see what makes Nan a crucial member of our staff and what she enjoys about working with us.

Nan’s Background

Nan has been working in the oil & gas industry for over 30 years. She started out with an outsourcing company in Colorado that offered services similar to PetroLedger. Following that, she worked with a few midsized companies in exploration and production before coming back to outsourcing. She was with Associated Resources, Inc. for 20 years, and became a part of the PetroLedger family following the acquisition of ARI in February of 2023.

Nan’s Role and Day-To-Day

As Director of Land Administration, Nan is responsible for delegating and overseeing all of the work being done by our land department. She works out of PetroLedger’s Tulsa office, but helps guide the division order and lease records managers operating in both the Houston and Tulsa offices. She’s responsible for making sure that everyone working in lease record management and division orders stays on task and has everything they need to get the job done.

As a director, Nan is often the face of our land department and has a lot of client contact. Among a variety of other client-facing duties that she handles, Nan helps manage our owner relations team and deals with any issues or concerns a client might have.

What Makes PetroLedger Stand Out

Nan believes there are two big factors that make PetroLedger outshine our competitors. The first is our level of expertise in both oil & gas land and accounting. Our staff has been around for many years and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry that we use to produce the highest quality of work for our clients.

The second factor is our ability to work in any system. Our teams across every department have experience in multiple different softwares. And with our decades of experience, no matter what software or system a client might be using, someone at PetroLedger will have experience in it.

What Nan Thinks You Should Know About PetroLedger

“We are a full-service back office for oil & gas.”

With the acquisition of Associated Resources, Inc., PetroLedger added the land component to compliment our existing work in outsourced oil & gas accounting. We are now a full-service company that can not only handle all of your oil & gas accounting needs, but also assist with lease records and any and all division order work that your company might require. As Nan says, “that makes us a full package.”

We at PetroLedger value our team and love showing off their skills and talents. Learn more about our amazing team here.

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Mandy Lambright
Marketing Director

Mandy joined PetroLedger in September 2022 after serving for almost a decade as the Creative Director at a fine art gallery, where she honed her marketing and design skills. She graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Abilene Christian University.