PetroLedger: Setting up our Clients for Success blog post

PetroLedger: Setting Up our Clients for Success

Henry Miller
August 10, 2022

Our vision at PetroLedger is to be the partner of choice within the oil and gas industry for outsourced accounting and transaction services by employing the best-in-class people and processes across multiple technology platforms. Our most experienced and versatile staff resides in our Professional Services department. If you ask any of our staff, they will say it’s very rewarding to see the before and after version of their books. The PetroLedger team is a set of superheroes that transform and correct your data to better serve your organization.

The Scoping Process

Our staff provides world class consulting, onboarding, and conversion services to potential and current clients conducting acquisitions. During the scoping process, we get to know our potential clients and their needs. We take an active listening role to ensure we provide a best price quote, along with any resources needed. Part of the scoping process is to work with potential clients to identify software needs, identify the amount of work required to maintain their books, and recommend which accounting services would be best for their business.

In addition, Professional Services converts prior data, onboards the new client, and transitions them into operations for monthly services. Our team makes this process seamless.

Data Conversion

Part of the conversion of data and onboarding process entails checking client books for accuracy and providing high-quality data analysis. Converting data from one system to another has many steps to ensure the data is accurate and following best practices. We double-check all prior data during the conversion process, allowing us to identify issues that need to be rectified.

Our goal is to protect our clients and their resources. We’ve put together a team of highly qualified problem solvers that can guide you through getting your books in order. We will exhaust all measures to ensure your books are in best possible shape and meet all best practices before transferring to monthly services.

Transitioning to Monthly Services

Once the data is converted and uploaded, it’s time to transact what's needed, based on the agreement. We'll work towards transitioning the client to our operations team for monthly services. This process is very in-depth, and our Professional Services Team and Account Managers ensure the clients’ accounts are successfully transitioned to the operational side of the business. Our team can provide extensive training on how the systems work so our clients can access their data any time. Some accounting systems can be complicated, but our experts are able to simplify the process and provide top-notch training to all new and current clients.

All our services and experience in the industry are what sets us apart from any other outsourcer. Best-in-class customer service and accounting experience is what PetroLedger is all about. If you would like a second opinion on your books, need someone to transact monthly services, or would like us to look at options, look no further than PetroLedger. We are here to transform your books and provide the best quality customer service.

Interested in our conversion services? Give us a call or send us an email!

Henry Miller
Manager of Special Projects and HR

Henry joins PetroLedger after 20+ years of experience managing people and establishing effective training programs to align with business objectives. He leads our Human Resources Training and Development initiatives, providing counsel on hiring, recruiting, benefits, employee relations, and other training-related topics.

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