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Staff Spotlight: Kevin Kline

Angella Bisigni
April 10, 2024

Here at PetroLedger, we pride ourselves on our amazing team members and the exceptional skills and experiences that they bring to the table. Each person has a background and skill set that makes them vital to our mission. Here we want to highlight one of these team members, Kevin Kline, our Manager of Lease Records.

Keep reading to see what makes Kevin a crucial member of our staff and what he enjoys about working with us.

Kevin’s Background

Kevin has spent 10 years in the oil & gas industry after a move to Colorado with his wife, and encouragement from his father-in-law, an industry veteran, prompted him to join the oil & gas world. In 2013 he was introduced to a private operator and started his career as a land analyst. Though he had a Business Administration degree with an Accounting and Marketing concentration, he quickly realized that he had a passion for land in the oil & gas sector.

Kevin has been with PetroLedger now for a year since the acquisition of Associated Resources, Inc. in 2023. He was with them for four years prior to that.

Kevin’s Day-To-Day

Kevin works in our Houston office and no day is like the last in his position. As the Lease Records Manager, his primary focus is coordinating initial set-up, and providing detailed analysis and maintenance of leases and contracts while overseeing each project to ensure deadlines and demands are met. He also finds himself running and building reports and helping clients establish services that are just perfect for them. “We're trying to essentially meet and build customizable stuff that the client needs.” While he has the same tasks, no client has the same exact needs, and Kevin helps meet their demands without any additions that may be unnecessary and costly.

What Kevin Loves About PetroLedger

When asked what the best thing is about working for PetroLedger, Kevin’s answer was simple – it’s the people. “PetroLedger picks the right people for the job.” When looking at all of the different clients, we match the right people to the perfect client to create amazing working relationships that benefit everyone. This translates into our culture that Kevin states is “one of the people”. With our focus being on both the people in our company and those we work with, it’s a win-win.

But we aren’t just all work and no play! Kevin loves that the offices here at PetroLedger love to have fun at work too. A very notable example of that fun to Kevin is how our offices celebrate Halloween each year. Employees have a great time dressing up to celebrate and it is exciting to get a glimpse at the many sides of his coworkers. “It's a whole different atmosphere and you're seeing the actual, personalities of people that come out during those different times.”

What Makes PetroLedger Different

To Kevin, what sets PetroLedger apart from our competitors is the range of services that we have to offer our clients. Our land team offers leasing contracts and division orders, and we also offer accounting and conversion services. We have a little bit of everything to meet the needs of our clients and we can scale those services so the client gets as little or as much as they require to succeed. “We offer the triple play. It’s accounting, lease records, and division orders.”

We at PetroLedger value our team and love showing off their skills and talents. Learn more about our amazing team here.

Want to work with our oil & gas accounting and land professionals? Contact us to get started!

Angella Bisigni
Senior Creative Marketing Associate

Angella is the newest addition to the PetroLedger Marketing team. She comes to us with many years of experience in various marketing settings creating graphics and running ad campaigns. She has a Bachelors in Graphic Design and Media Arts.

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