ERP data conversions in the oil & gas industry are difficult and time-consuming — and that's not to mention the pitfalls and problems you're likely to run into during the process. With over 25 years of experience migrating clients' data, PetroLedger's accounting professionals will work closely with you to ensure your data conversion will be handled smoothly.

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Whether you have a couple of wells, or you bring thousands of wells and decades of historical data to the table, our Professional Services team is well equipped to tackle your conversion. Our services are fully scalable and customized to each individual client. Your data conversion will be led by a dedicated project manager who will ensure consistent communication between you and our team during every step of the process.

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The journey from old to new oil & gas software can be an arduous one. With over 25 years of experience migrating clients’ data, PetroLedger’s accounting professionals will work closely with you to ensure your data conversion will be handled smoothly.


Our staff provides world class consulting, onboarding, and conversion services to potential and current clients conducting acquisitions. We work with clients to identify software needs, identify the amount of work required to maintain their books, and recommend which accounting services would be best for their business.

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Every software conversion starts with a conversation. Once we get to know our client, we'll identify software needs and recommend the application we believe is the perfect fit for your team. Before we convert your historical data, we'll check your books for accuracy and perform a high-quality data analysis.


Whether your data comes from industry-standard applications, QuickBooks, legacy software, or other unsupported systems, our team has seen it all. We're passionate about utilizing technology to maintain data integrity, so you can rest assured knowing our team will make sure there is no loss in data quality during the conversion process.


Once the data is migrated into the new software, our Professional Services team and Account Managers work diligently to validate the converted data and perform essential regression testing, ensuring your data is successfuly transitioned before final client sign-off. Our team will also provide extensive software training.

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professional services & Data conversion

Get to know Elise Berlin, PetroLedger's Director of Professional Services, and learn more about how she and her team can help you with your data conversion, data cleanup or external training needs.

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master file or full detail?

Which type of conversion is right for you? Data conversion can be complex, but we've put together everything you need to know about Full Detail vs. Master File conversions in this 2-Minute Training Video.

Want to learn more about this topic? Read our full white paper on ERP Data Conversions for more details about Master File and Full Detail conversions and each of their potential problems you may run into.


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