In the oil and gas industry, companies must often contend with growing demands and limited resources. The challenge comes when existing constraints such as limited personnel and outdated operating systems begin to negatively impact efficiency and accuracy. PetroLedger Financial Services provides comprehensive transactional outsourcing to help energy companies get more value out of their back office.


With PetroLedger, you get a team of accounting veterans who understand your business and goals. You can have peace of mind knowing that your internal controls are streamlined and efficient. Your outsourced business services team will optimize your setup and get your books and processes running smoothly.

  • Revenue Processing
  • Transaction Services
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Joint Interest Billing
  • Treasury Services
  • Division Order Analysis
  • Records Maintenance
  • Lease Operating Statements
  • Quarterly & Annual Filings (all states)
  • Year-End Processing
  • 1099 / W-2 Processing
  • Payroll Services

gas plant settlement

PetroLedger Financial Services offers comprehensive oil and gas accounting solutions to natural gas processing plants and pipelines. From allocations and settlements to gross margin analysis, we can assist you in simplifying and optimizing your accounting processes.

  • Plant Balancing
  • Gross Margin Analysis
  • Allocations
  • Imbalance Management & Accounting
  • Complete Reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Settlement

Division Orders

When you have multiple interests in wells, whether as an Operator or as a Non-Op, maintaining your Division Orders is integral to your success. That is why PetroLedger is dedicated to ensuring our clients' assets are properly allocated from "spud" to end of life. Our records maintenance and reporting will ensure any changes of interest are accurately represented in your decks, empowering you to focus on production.

  • Verify interest & prepare division orders for execution
  • Research, calculate & prepare division of interests for producing wells
  • Research & prepare burden breakdown spreadsheets
  • Review & research division order title opinions for requirements
  • Obtain items needed for release of funds suspense

Mineral interest management

Whether it's a family interest or you're running mineral interest for several hundred partnerships, our support services can scale to meet your investment strategies and emerging growth. Our oil and gas experts know how to read and interpret each lease agreement, audit historical revenue deposits, taxes and ownership obligations to make sure you're being accurately compensated down to the penny.

  • Data Processing
  • Asset Management
  • Oil & Gas Asset Inventory
  • Custom Royalty & Production Reporting
  • Lease Royalty Summary
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Investment Preparation
  • Transaction Closures
  • Data Maintenance
  • Production History Retention
  • Reconciliation of Unpaid Royalties

Regulatory compliance

Whether you have one lease or thousands, PetroLedger Financial Services has your regulatory compliance needs well in hand. We have 25 plus years of experience in state, federal and tribal reporting. From production volume reporting, to state severance taxes, to ONRR reporting (both Federal and Tribal), PetroLedger can ensure timely and accurate reporting. We have experience in state royalty reporting and escheatment, as well as an understanding of the environmental, legal and safety regulations that apply within the Oil and Gas Industry. When you partner with PetroLedger, we take the time to understand your business and fully review your filing history, because we believe that managing compliance properly from the beginning will lead to efficiencies and cost-savings down the road.

  • Severance Tax Filing
    (all states)
  • ONRR¬†Filing
    (Tribal & Federal)
  • Unclaimed Property/Escheatment
  • Asset Integrity
  • Financial Reporting
  • Working Interest, Royalty & ORRI Payment Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Report
  • Operational Planning
  • Technical Compliance & Reporting