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PetroLedger Beautifies Houston with Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Alex Ball
March 13, 2024

On February 29th, members from PetroLedger’s South Houston office had the opportunity to volunteer with Buffalo Bayou Partnership by exploring and working on the soon-to-be-opened Japhet Creek Park.

While Japhet Creek Park was nearly ready for the public, it was in need of a decluttering — something that our PetroLeaders were more than ready to help with! Over the course of the day, debris and fallen limbs were cleared from the sidewalks, a path full of stickyweed was cleared to make an additional walking path, and several trees were cleared of dead branches and vines. After all the weeds, branches, and vines were cut down and raked, they were wheeled over toward a truck bed for the materials to be disposed of.

Community involvement is one of our core values here at PetroLedger. Across our multiple offices, we’ve partnered with a number of different organizations to help better the cities that we live and work in, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Meals on Wheels, and the North Texas Food Bank. And now, thanks to the efforts from our PetroLedger team in Houston, Japhet Creek Park is one step closer to being ready for its opening day on April 20th, 2024!

What is the Buffalo Bayou Partnership?

Buffalo Bayou Partnership is a non-profit in Houston that is focused on maintaining stewardship of multiple parks and spaces along the Buffalo Bayou area, which stretches across 52 miles of Houston all the way into Burnet Bay. Buffalo Bayou sports a lengthy history stretching back centuries but is more well-known for being the location of the Port of Houston, one of the biggest parts of Texas’ shipping success, and being a pivotal part of Houston’s foundation in 1836. While that transportation success has been long and rich, this also means that the surrounding area has been exposed to all sorts of manufacturing excess that can be harmful to the nature and residents that make up the Buffalo Bayou.

When Buffalo Bayou Partnership was founded in 1986, its mission was to not only help preserve the Buffalo Bayou area, but to also create parks, community engagement, and affordable housing for its residents and other Houstonians. Since its inception, Buffalo Bayou Partnership has been successful in the many efforts it has taken up. Many different parks have been built for the public within Buffalo Bayou, including a reservoir that has been repurposed for tours, multiple public spaces for social events and community engagement, and clearing many truckloads worth of trash from its various waterways.

If you are interested in learning more, check out Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s Volunteering page!

Alex Ball
Marketing and Administrative Associate

Alex came to PetroLedger after graduating from Creighton University, where he studied Marketing and Business Intelligence Analytics: Digital Media and Design. He now uses his experience to help the marketing team grow PetroLedger's online presence, as well as performing various administrative duties in our Houston office.

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