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PetroLedger: Nine Months Later

Henry Miller
March 23, 2022

Without a doubt, there is an art to creating and implementing a positive company culture while growing at an exponential rate. PetroLedger’s values are the foundation of our extraordinary company culture. Over the last nine months, I have seen the incredible work that our financial professionals have performed for our clients, and I am thoroughly impressed by everyone within our organization.  PetroLedger has decades of expert oil and gas financial experience, and we provide first class service internally and externally.

Internally, PetroLedger lives by its core values; they are not just posters on the wall, but pillars that reside deeply in each of us. Integrity, Fun, Communication, Development, Community, and Professionalism are displayed by everyone throughout our work and decision making. Everything we do is in support of our values and a commitment to something larger than ourselves. Our company values keep us well aligned and committed to our organizational culture.

Integrity is constantly displayed by everyone’s commitment to do the right thing for the right reasons. I have yet to meet anyone who is self-serving or selfish. Everyone is always ready to share knowledge and perspective, which is important in any organization.  We always put the needs of our clients first—with that goal in mind, we have an abundance of cross functional collaboration that leads to best-in class-customer service and new, innovative ways to complete each task within our organization. Through growth, we have had the opportunity to develop our employees through job enrichment, training opportunities, and promotions. By looking for these opportunities to develop and grow our team’s knowledge, we have a high employee retention rate and an excellent customer satisfaction rate.

"Everything we do is in support of our values and a commitment to something larger than ourselves."

PetroLedger constantly strives to epitomize our values and serve the communities in which we live.  Some ways we do this are by volunteering and raising money for a variety of organizations.  We have volunteered at the North Texas Food Bank and raised money for St Jude’s Hospital.  In addition, we rally around our employees to celebrate and support each other during times of need and celebration. 

Personally, I volunteer to help transitioning service members find meaningful employment and finding their “why” after service to our country.  From firsthand experience, it’s hard to find an organization that has a great culture and lives by its values.  It has been great to find a company with values that align with my own. This makes our company unique. We have navigated a pandemic while experiencing exponential growth, all while maintaining service to our clients.

All these wonderful things wouldn’t be possible without the phenomenal people within our organization. I constantly say our team members should wear capes, because they seem to manage everything with poise and professionalism that allows us to accomplish extraordinary goals. From the bottom of my heart, I am proud to be a PetroLeader. How we live our company values and how they drive our positive work culture speaks volumes about our Partners, Senior Leadership Team, and Team Members.

I am very proud of PetroLedger as a whole and look forward to what is next for us!

Henry Miller
Manager of Special Projects and HR

Henry joins PetroLedger after 20+ years of experience managing people and establishing effective training programs to align with business objectives. He leads our Human Resources Training and Development initiatives, providing counsel on hiring, recruiting, benefits, employee relations, and other training-related topics.


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