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Meet the Team: Mandy Lambright

Lauren Rabalais
December 21, 2022

At PetroLedger, we get to know our clients pretty well. We want you to know who we are, too. There’s a lot more personality than you might expect to find at a financial firm, and while professionalism is our first order of business, creating a fun work environment is always close behind! Today we’d like to introduce Mandy Lambright, our Marketing Manager in Abilene. We sat down with her to ask a few questions and get to know her a little better…

What are the books, movies, or TV shows that always make you feel better when you’re down and will never get old?

This is a tough one. I have a lot of go-to shows and movies that never get old, like the easily bingeable Parks and Recreation, Scrubs, or Letterkenny, and most especially the genius comedies of Mel Brooks. But my biggest, and probably strangest, comfort blanket comes in the form of True Crime and fiction based on True Crime. The oddity of finding a sense of calm in such a scary genre isn’t lost on me, and I’m sure I’m on some lists (shoutout to the FBI guy that’s probably assigned to me), but I’m a sucker for all things murder-y.

My library is full of killers, both fiction and non-fiction, my phone is always loaded up with the latest episode of Last Podcast on the Left, I’ve rewatched Criminal Minds so many times that Netflix keeps asking me if I’m ok, and I love a good Saturday or Sunday spent curled up under a blanket watching a documentary about some guy that “always seemed so nice” and “kept to himself,” until he wasn’t and he didn’t.

Can you tell me about your career background?

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Abilene Christian University in 2014. That summer, I began my eight year tenure at a local art gallery, Jody Klotz Fine Art. I started as the Gallery Manager, which involved mostly data entry, file keeping and other day-to-day tasks that kept the gallery running. Shortly into my first year there, once I had the chance to show off the skills and knowledge I had picked up in college, my position grew and morphed into Creative Director, where I was essentially in charge of redesigning and implementing a new and more modern aesthetic for the gallery through online marketing, social media, print materials, and a new and improved website, as well as planning and helping execute all of our events and exhibitions. I stayed at the gallery until I joined the PetroLedger team as their Marketing Manager this September.

What’s the most interesting (or your favorite) holiday decoration you own?

The Abilene crew learned pretty early on when I moved into my office how much I love holidays, and how much I love decorating for said holidays, but I don’t know that I have a most interesting item. I’m pretty basic when it comes to decorations. My home and office become pumpkin patches in the fall, with some black cats and ghosts mixed in for Spooky Season, and tree farms at Christmas, complete with little caretaker gnomes.

But maybe the quirkiest thing I do, although subtle, is the themed candy dish in my office. I like to have chocolate around in case anybody (me) wants some, which I keep in white, holiday themed ceramic dishes. I have a pumpkin for Halloween/fall, a pine tree for Christmas/winter, and a heart that I’ll bust out on Valentine’s Day. I don’t have one for St. Patrick’s Day yet, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m sure I’ll be able to find my pot of gold by March.

What is your specific role with PetroLedger, including your day-to-day activities?

I hold the position of Marketing Manager, and I help lead our rockstar sales and marketing team grow the company’s tangible and digital presence in an effort to bring in new customers. My team and I manage PetroLedger’s online marketing: our website, our social media platforms, and all of the company’s advertising and marketing campaigns. I also research and analyze trends in the industry to help decide what content will best reach both existing and potential clients, as well as plan and attend the networking events we participate in. Basically, we do everything we can to get the PetroLedger name and brand in front of the people that need our services.

Lauren Rabalais
Creative Marketing Associate

Lauren, one of our youngest team members, comes to PetroLedger shortly after obtaining her Digital Media Innovation degree from Texas State University. Armed with knowledge of digital and social media trends, Lauren brings a fresh perspective to PetroLedger’s online identity and ensures that our company reaches new clients.