Quorum Software Partner Spotlight

Quorum Software Partner Spotlight

Lauren Rabalais
July 12, 2023

PetroLedger’s success as a national brand lies in our core belief that the right people with the right tools can do anything. We are proud to have a continuously growing and evolving staff of passionate people ready to take on the biggest oil and gas accounting challenges in the industry, but having an experienced team is only half of the equation. By equipping our accounting professionals with cutting-edge, cloud-based software, we strive to empower our team and help them provide top-of-the-line service for our clients. To ensure we can provide our employees with these front-line platforms, we are committed to maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with our software partners. This two-way communication gives our clients several feature-rich, secure options to choose from. When our clients choose to outsource with PetroLedger, they can confidently say goodbye to old legacy software and let us help them make the switch to the powerful, reliable software that our partners offer. One of those software providers we know quite well, that being Quorum Software.

Who is Quorum Software?

Founded in 1998 in Houston, Texas, Quorum Software initially made its splash in the energy sector by developing the first software purpose-built for gas plant accountants. Today, the Quorum Energy Suite serves all sectors of the energy industry with mission-critical business applications that connect people, workflows, and systems with decision-ready data. They are one of the world’s largest energy software providers, serving over 55 countries, and providing solutions to companies throughout the industry including start-ups and scaling up to the biggest energy companies in the world.

Which Quorum products do we use?

Upstream On Demand

Our accounting professionals here at PetroLedger are formally trained to use Quorum’s cloud-based application suite, Upstream On Demand, on behalf of our clients. With this suite, users are equipped with the decision-ready data they need, all within a single, integrated package that manages upstream workflows across accounting, land, well operations, production operations, and document management. Some companies may choose to start with a single Upstream On Demand application and add more from the portfolio as their business grows.

On Demand Accounting

Formerly known as “OGsys,” On Demand Accounting helps E&Ps streamline their daily energy accounting activities. With features such as revenue processing, joint interest billing, AP workflow, division order, and more, On Demand Accounting lets you work smarter and faster— from any device at any time.

On Demand Production

Collect field data, receive regulatory updates as State and Federal requirements change, perform daily or monthly allocations, automatically send reports, monitor wells in real-time, use SCADA OnDemand, and more— all with Quorum’s On Demand Production, formerly known as “Field Insights.”

On Demand Well Operations

Formerly known as “WellEz,” On Demand Well Operations helps operators monitor vendor performance and track well lifecycles. With On Demand Well Operations, E&Ps can set up automated daily reports, build a master well file to keep all your documents in one place, view well bore information throughout a well’s lifespan, and much more.  

Like On Demand Land, we do not use OnDemand Well Operations on behalf of our clients. However, this solution is a great fit in your SAAS application toolbox, especially when paired with other solutions within the Upstream on Demand suite.


DynamicDocs is a comprehensive document management solution that provides secure access to all your land, accounting, and well files. This application integrates with On Demand Accounting, On Demand Land, and On Demand Well Operations, making collaboration and organization easier than ever.


Quorum’sExecute portfolio integrates capital budgeting, AFE management, operational scheduling, and well delivery into a single package— and seamlessly with OnDemand Well Operations making it easier to share information between the field and the office. Thousands of teams employ Execute to manage the entire lifecycle of their well delivery program.

Additional solutions and services

In addition to Upstream On Demand, Quorum has a wide variety of solutions for companies in different sectors of the energy value chain. These applications include the My Quorum suite, an all-in-one solution set designed for the upstream and midstream sectors inclusive of back-office and operationally-focused products like My Quorum Land, Revenue Accounting, and TIPS. For small-to-midsized upstream companies, we recommend the cloud-based Upstream On Demand suite of applications, but My Quorum’s footprint is a great choice for larger upstream companies or midstream businesses needing a more customized approach. Quorum has also integrated the Aucerna footprint into their portfolio by way of a merger in February 2021. Aucerna’s suite of tools encompasses integrated planning, execution, and reserves including well-known products like Execute AFE, Planning Space, Enersight, and Val Nav.  

What sets Quorum apart from the rest?

A complete turnkey solution, Upstream On Demand lives on a cloud-native platform, enabling true web capabilities where Quorum can continuously deliver innovation and provide product updates in real time. With Quorum Software, businesses no longer have to worry about upgrade projects, remote access constraints, downtime, and IT infrastructure. The Upstream On Demand suite enables access and reporting capabilities through your BI tool of choice across each business unit, as well as shared master data and well information across all applications. Quorum’s wide range of applications, capable of supporting pre-asset startups to global super majors, and subject matter expertise uniquely positions them as the leading provider of software in the energy industry.

Our Partnership with Quorum

PetroLedger and OGsys started their partnership over 20 years ago, back when The Resource Group selected OGsql to be their accounting platform for bookkeeping services. Our relationship with Quorum has grown significantly since that time, and it has only expanded through Quorum’s acquisition of OGsys in 2018, which accelerated the development of the Upstream On Demand suite.

Since we began our partnership with Quorum, we’ve worked with companies of many sizes. One notable client we onboarded into Upstream On Demand is JR Oil, an operator headquartered in Houston with over 225 producing wells.

A takeaway on Quorum Software

With such a vast portfolio of easy-to-use solutions that extend across the entire energy sector, we know that the perfect ERP software for you is waiting to be discovered. Powerful and efficient, Quorum’s Upstream On Demand suite is a fantastic choice for operators and non-operators alike. Should you need a more tailored experience, you could also consider the powerful My Quorum suite of applications.

PetroLedger’s customized outsourced accounting solutions are a match made in heaven when paired with Quorum’s Upstream On Demand suite. For over 20 years, our accounting professionals have been using Quorum’s upstream solutions to help our clients refine and streamline their business operations. When you work with PetroLedger and QuorumSoftware in tandem, you can be confident that your accounting is being done with the right people and the right software for you.

Interested in letting PetroLedger help you convert to Quorum’s Upstream On Demand? Contact our Sales Team for more information on how PetroLedger can help you elevate your accounting processes. If you want to read more insights from PetroLedger, check out our blog!

Lauren Rabalais
Creative Marketing Associate

Lauren, one of our youngest team members, comes to PetroLedger shortly after obtaining her Digital Media Innovation degree from Texas State University. Armed with knowledge of digital and social media trends, Lauren brings a fresh perspective to PetroLedger’s online identity and ensures that our company reaches new clients.


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