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Outsourcing in a Pandemic

Melodee Papke, CPA
October 27, 2020

Following the move to remote work for our almost 100 employees in the Spring of 2020, two themes became clear for the Partners of PetroLedger Financial Services.

  1. The bond between our employees and their clients is strong, resolute and compassionate, and exists in a place outside of a sterile bookkeeper/client relationship.
  2. Our Company’s pursuit of an enhanced client experience through technology will continue to make us better.

Client-Employee Relationships are Paramount

Upon purchasing and later merging Eddye Dreyer Financial Services and The Resource Group, employees continually expressed how important their relationships with clients were to their overall happiness. Clients were sharing pictures of births, graduations, promotions and life events.  Our employees understand that building a relationship with a client is as important as correctly processing a transaction.

Our employees worked tirelessly during the early stages of the pandemic, making sure our new workspaces of dining room tables and home offices limited any impact on client operations. This dedication was instilled by the original company founders and remains 30+ years later.  As we move forward in this disrupted environment, I know our employees do whatever it takes to make the waters feel calmer for our clients.

Continued Investment in Technology is a Must

In supporting several oil and gas accounting software platforms across multiple offices (now mostly home addresses), the pandemic quickly prompted an internal IT review.  When is an on-premise license and support agreement important, versus a SaaS cloud-based infrastructure?  What support would our clients need for remote access? How will we manage the transition from digital applications to the manual phases such as revenue checks and vendor payments?  Questions we typically approached on an annual basis were now front and center.

PetroLedger is capable of 100% remote work because of our investment in our infrastructure.  We maintain close relationships with our IT providers, and rely on their experience to assess our productivity, security and potential investment.  Our software providers also pour millions of dollars into oil and gas accounting products to improve scale, costs and reporting capabilities.  We are committed to working closely with all our IT partners to create a better client experience.

We believe the best way to plan for the future is to create it. Our employees’ strong client relationships, on the backbone of reliable technology, is a recipe for future growth in our current economy.  Let us know how we can put our efforts in oil and gas transactions services to work for you.

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Melodee Papke, CPA
Vice President of Human Resources

BBA degree with accounting focus from Northeastern State University. More than 25 years of oil and gas accounting experience and management. Significant work with private equity backed companies preparing and coordinating both transactional and reporting functions of accounting and finance.


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