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A Year-End Pause

Chad Smith
December 27, 2023

The period between Thanksgiving and the end of the year is fast, furious, and chaotic, but as I take a deep breath and reflect on the last twelve months, I have gratitude and a deep sense of accomplishment.

PetroLedger was born a mere two and a half years ago in May 2021. Yet today, PetroLedger is a true leader in the oil and gas outsourcing domain. Through the hard work and contributions of countless team members, we have assembled a best-in-class team of accounting, land administration, division order and regulatory professionals. In addition to our transaction processing capabilities, this year we launched and have rapidly grown a team dedicated to data conversion, integration, implementation, and consulting.

With our team of 100+ professionals, the communal knowledge in our organization is incredible. However, to continue to grow our expanding business, PetroLedger has also taken on the challenge of developing a program and path to bring in fresh faces and use that embedded expert knowledge to train the next generation of PetroLeaders. We are investing in the long-term viability of our company and the ability to support our customers’ businesses. We are good and getting better.

At PetroLedger our Mission is to use our deep oil and gas industry and software knowledge to provide great service to our customers. As 2023 concludes, I can honestly say we have the right people, the right software, the right platform, the right knowledge, and the right infrastructure in place to truly do splendid work for our customers. Our clients trust PetroLedger with their work and we appreciate and cherish that trust. I get tremendous satisfaction in hearing from clients that our team is awesome to work with.

So, as I look forward to 2024, I have great optimism and even higher expectations. PetroLedger is a market leader, and I can dedicate even more of my time to attracting and onboarding new customers, supporting our organization and hiring more employees.

Our original Vision at PetroLedger was to be the partner of choice in the oil and gas outsourcing space. We still have work to do to stake that claim while we pursue additional opportunities to further expand our business, but I am extremely thankful and proud of the company that PetroLedger has become. My personal thanks to our PetroLeaders, customers and software partners for believing in PetroLedger. May 2024 be our best year yet!

If you want to read more about PetroLedger's eventful 2023, check out our blog!

Chad Smith

Chad Smith is a Partner with Avisto Capital Partners, LLC. Chad is responsible for business development, strategic relationships, valuation, and operational execution. He brings more than 20 years of experience to the firm.


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