PetroLedger has helped small and midsize operators get back to the business of pumping oil for nearly 30 years. Serving as the E&P firm’s outsourced back office, our experienced bookkeepers can manage everything from joint interest billing and division orders to payroll and state filings—all at a significant cost savings over hiring full- or part-time staff.

Do you want to reduce your administrative headaches and stay on top of your books? With PetroLedger, you can do both. Plus, our specialized bookkeeping services scale with your needs. Whether you’re working five wells or 500 wells, PetroLedger gives you the freedom to spend your time on production—not paperwork.


Oil and gas bookkeeping requires specialized personnel that few private equity firms staff internally. Trusted by clients across the country, PetroLedger has helped dozens of private investment groups navigate the ins and outs of oil and gas bookkeeping. Our experienced team oversees everything from division orders and revenue distribution to regulatory filings and compliance. And no division of interest is too complex. PetroLedger is equipped to support a variety of private equity arrangements, from individual ownership groups to partnerships and joint ventures.


Many of our clients come to PetroLedger looking for assistance in maximizing and streamlining their accounting processes for oil and gas plant operations and account for gas from wellhead to tailgate.

Let our licensed accounting professionals upgrade and design custom solutions for your oil and gas management platform using the best and latest technology and software that fits your needs.


Just as equity investments and real estate have unique management considerations, so too do oil and gas assets. PetroLedger works with family offices and private trusts to provide turnkey bookkeeping for oil and gas royalties and mineral interests.

In addition to helping you understand your ownership position, PetroLedger will provide detailed reporting on your royalties, reviewing check details against each asset’s production history, division order, and lease agreement. From income and disbursement to taxes and record keeping, our full-service approach ensures that your family office’s assets are appropriately managed in the heirs’ best interest.