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How PetroLedger’s Owner Relations Team Can Help You

Mandy Lambright
June 12, 2024

In the oil & gas industry, maintaining good communication between owners and operators is extremely important. If you own interest in an oil or gas well, you likely receive a check or statement every month from the operator of that property. Operators often hire outsourcing companies like PetroLedger to help them with their accounting and land management. Because of the work we provide for them, we are able to help owners with most questions they might have, which provides them with the communication that they need to give them peace of mind, while taking that responsibility off of the plate of the operators.

PetroLedger Is the First Line of Communication for Owners

PetroLedger’s owner relations team acts as the first line of communication for royalty owners. When questions arise, they can contact us and rest assured that they’ll get the answers that they are looking for. Our team fields all direct inquiries from owners about their accounts, and can then direct them to the correct department, where they will have all of their needs met by our accounting and land professionals.  

The owner relations team spends a lot of time in direct contact with owners, helping them understand their interest and answering questions about statements, as well as assisting them in tracking payments. We also help guide clients through the process of transferring interest after a sale or in the event of the death of an interest owner, providing them with the documents needed and walking them through it step-by-step.

“When owners call or transfers of interest come in…it can become cumbersome…I tend to put it on the back burner to handle the fires that are immediately in front of me.” – Matthew Hoops, Iron Orchard

Our owner relations team isn’t just there to benefit interest owners, however. Oil & gas operators have a multitude of responsibilities to handle, so prioritization is paramount. Having PetroLedger handle all of the duties on the owner side frees up valuable time for operators to handle more important tasks, and ensures that all parties involved get everything they need in a timely manner.

Owner Relations FAQs

When dealing with multiple owners on a regular basis, our owner relations team often comes across the same questions over and over. While we’re more than happy to assist with any inquiries that come to us from owners, the answers to some of these questions can be quite simple. For the owners that just want a quick answer to a common question, we’ve put together a list of Owner Inquiries FAQs on our website.

Do you need to change your mailing address, or have questions about revenue checks? We can help with that. Just check out the Basic Information section. Maybe you’re selling your interests, or need to transfer interests after the death of a family member. We have answers for that, too. Scroll on down to the Ownership Changes section.  

How to Contact Our Owner Relations Team

Not finding what you’re looking for on our website? No problem. There are several ways to get a hold of our owner relations team. You can call (918) 894-6550, email us at, or fill out the Owner Inquiries Contact Form on our website. Our team of oil & gas accounting and land experts are ready to help you with all of your needs as an owner, or an operator, so give us a call today!

Are you an owner with questions? Contact our owner relations team!

Do you have general questions about our services? Contact our sales team!

Mandy Lambright
Marketing Director

Mandy joined PetroLedger in September 2022 after serving for almost a decade as the Creative Director at a fine art gallery, where she honed her marketing and design skills. She graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Abilene Christian University.

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