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At PetroLedger, we get to know our clients pretty well. We want you to know who we are, too. There’s a lot more personality than you might expect to find at a financial firm, and while professionalism is our first order of business, creating a fun work environment is always close behind! Today we’d like to introduce Treasa Harris, a General Accounting Manager in Tulsa. We sat down with her to ask a few questions and get to know her a little better…

Now that Thanksgiving is over, what’s your favorite part about Christmas? Do you have any Christmas traditions?

This is the first year that both my sons are in college, so really, I’m just looking forward to them being home for a few weeks. As for traditions, those seem to be changing as the kids get older and the extended family grows. We usually try and get together on Christmas Eve and play Dirty Santa.

How did you get into the Oil & Gas industry?

I graduated from OSU, and they had a career fair. I knew I did not want to go into public accounting, so I interviewed with BP Amoco. I got the job, and the rest is history. I’ve worked for several companies over the years, but I’ve always stayed in the oil & gas industry.

Let’s say, hypothetically, you didn’t ever have to sleep again. What would you do with all your extra time?

I’ve always wanted to write a novel. I would like to say that’s what I would do if I had more free time, but in reality, I would probably watch more Netflix.

What is your specific role with PetroLedger, including your day-to-day activities?

I am an accounting manager— I have a wide variety of clients, which allows me to get involved in all the different processes, but my main focus is GL and financials.

What is the most trivial, random thing you have a strong opinion about?

Well, it’s not really trivial to me, but I absolutely hate OU, which is awkward now that I have a son who goes there. And since the other son is at OSU, I’m always saying he is my favorite. Of course, they both know I am joking. Mostly.

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