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Meet Tina Slagle, one of the newest additions to PetroLedger’s team of professionals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While she’s new to us, she’s no stranger to revenue accounting. Already proving herself an invaluable asset, we sat down with our Revenue Rockstar to get to know her a little better…

Give a brief overview of your background experience?

Tulsa is my hometown.  I attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and graduated with a Bachelors in Finance with minors in accounting and economics.  After working for a few years, I took additional classes and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Langston University in Tulsa.  I have worked 25 years in the oil and gas industry.


How did you get into the oil and gas industry?

After graduating from Oklahoma State, I worked a couple of years in a different industry, then was hired into the engineering department at Samson Resources in Tulsa as an engineer tech.  This experience gave me a strong understanding of the oil and gas business.  While working, I continued my education at Langston University in Tulsa, obtained my accounting degree and transferred into revenue accounting where I found my calling.  I have worked in revenue accounting for over 20 years.


What is your specific role with PetroLedger Financial Services?

I am the Revenue Manager and a new addition to PetroLedger’s Oklahoma office.  I process monthly revenue for various clients, work on special projects, and assist our team of revenue accountants and management.    As a new employee at PetroLedger, I have been very impressed with how knowledgeable and friendly everyone has been.  I look forward to work with great people, who seem like a family, and are happy to help answer any questions I have.  I have seen and know they treat each client the same way.


What is the most satisfying aspect of providing outsourcing services to oil and gas customers?

Being a new team member, I am excited to work with our clients and help them meet their goals.  Clients allow us to handle the monthly accounting processes and assist in special projects so they have more time to focus on their business.  I believe helping multiple companies be successful will be very satisfying!


Where do you see this industry in five years?

Hopefully the oil and gas industry will rebound and be allowed continued growth.   As an outsourcing company we will be able to help multiple clients be more efficient and more profitable.  I am looking forward to many more years helping others with their oil and gas revenue processes!

If Tina’s insights have you thinking, “This is the team for me”, reach out for a free consultation. We’d be more than happy to talk about how our accounting services can assist your business and introduce you to the rest of your future accounting team.

At PetroLedger Financial Services, we use our oil and gas accounting expertise to help simplify and optimize accounting needs for natural gas producers, processing plants and pipelines. Interested in meeting more of the PetroLedger Team in Oklahoma, and how we can best help you? Contact us today!

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