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At PetroLedger, we get to know our clients pretty well. We want you to know who we are, too. There’s a lot more personality than you might expect to find at a financial firm. While professionalism is our first order of business, creating a fun work environment is always close behind! Today we’d like to introduce Lauren Rabalais, our Creative Marketing Associate, Social Media Guru, and newest member of the team. We sat down with her to get to know her a little better…


What is your role as a Creative Marketing Associate with PetroLedger Financial Services?

As PetroLedger grew into a national resource for outsourced accounting, our sales and marketing efforts had to grow along with it. My role is to help facilitate that growth.

Before I was brought on, our marketing was a one-man job. But PetroLedger was quickly becoming too large of a company for our Marketing Manager to handle everything alone, especially with a rebrand on the horizon. PetroLedger’s marketing is now split up between Jonathan and I, which gives us the bandwidth to expand our digital presence and redefine our brand identity.


How did you find yourself marketing for an oil and gas financial firm?

It definitely wasn’t expected! When I graduated from college, I was planning to focus on web design and later work as a full-stack developer. However, thanks to Covid, I ended up going in a completely different direction.  I ended up taking a marketing job with a financial planning firm in Dallas, and I developed a love for the creativity of marketing that I knew web development wasn’t going to provide.

I stayed at this firm for about a year before I decided to pursue a digital marketing career in Abilene to be with my significant other after years of long distance. PetroLedger came into my life at the right place and right time. It was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at Business to Business (or B2B) marketing, and the Sales and Marketing department was conveniently looking for a new hire in the Abilene area. Oil and gas wasn’t the direction I was expecting to take my career, but I’ve been overjoyed to embark on this creatively-fulfilling journey.


What do you see for PetroLedger’s future?

During my short time here, I’ve already witnessed an astonishing amount of growth! Starting during a company rebrand gave me the chance to start fresh along with PetroLedger. From day one, I was helping set the groundwork for our new identity, and it’s been such a fascinating process to be a part of. I’m  excited to watch myself grow alongside PetroLedger as we embody ourselves as a national brand.

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Jonathan Carroll


Marketing Manager

Jonathan comes to PetroLedger with over 12 years in marketing and sales. He has extensive experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors and is driven to develop innovative solutions to problems using data driven analysis and a sharp eye for detail.

Jonathan is excited to be a part of the PetroLedger team and looks forward to sharing the vision and services of PetroLedger with an even broader audience.

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