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Meet the Team: Lainie Garrison

Lauren Rabalais
July 20, 2022

At PetroLedger, we get to know our clients pretty well. We want you to know who we are, too. There’s a lot more personality than you might expect to find at a financial firm, and while professionalism is our first order of business, creating a fun work environment is always close behind! Today we’d like to introduce Lainie Garrison, a Production Accounting Specialist for PetroLedger. You might remember her from our Production Accounting white paper that she wrote! We sat down with her to ask a few questions and get to know her a little better…

How did you get into Oil & Gas accounting?

In 1997, I signed on with a temporary agency and was placed at an oil and gas company in the Production Accounting department as an assistant. I got the opportunity to learn production accounting, and I eventually moved into an analyst position. Over the years, I became a Senior Analyst, and later, a Specialist. At my last job, I got the opportunity to learn some Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, as well. It was fun to learn something new, since my focus has always been on production!

What is your specific role with PetroLedger, including your day-to-day activities?

I am a Production and Regulatory Specialist. I file production reports to the states of Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Utah for clients, ensuring that all information is being captured and recorded as accurately as possible.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming— this was our family vacation spot for a lot of years, and we created so many amazing memories there.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

I do! We bought a camper last year, and we’ve enjoyed taking our grandsons and our dog camping and meeting up with our friends. It’s fun to have corn hole and ladder ball tournaments during the day and sit around the campfire at night.  Since we have a camper, some might call me a glamper, but I don’t mind. I like the AC in the summer and the heater in the fall/winter.

What do you remember from your earliest childhood memory?

Where I grew up, there was a tornado siren in the school yard behind our house. Back then, there wasn’t a scheduled test time for the sirens like there is now; they didn’t go off every Wednesday at noon. So one day, my mom had set my brother and I up for lunch at our little table out on the back patio. We were enjoying our lunch, and all of the sudden, the tornado siren started going off. The loud sound scared my brother and I to the point that we started bawling, so Mom ushered us inside and shut the glass door. After the siren stopped, we looked out, and there was our dachshund, Angie, up on the table finishing off the lunch that we had left behind. It was a funny end to such an ordeal. This may not be my earliest memory, but it’s a good one to me.

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Lauren Rabalais
Creative Marketing Associate

Lauren, one of our youngest team members, comes to PetroLedger shortly after obtaining her Digital Media Innovation degree from Texas State University. Armed with knowledge of digital and social media trends, Lauren brings a fresh perspective to PetroLedger’s online identity and ensures that our company reaches new clients.


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